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Ian Hemilright, Offensive Lineman (primarily C)

Profile By: John Frascella @LegendSports7 on Twitter

Out of Green Hope High School in North Carolina, Ian gives us a lot of “hope” as

a strong offensive line prospect… At 6’3”, 280 pounds he’s very light on his feet as

a developing big man… With our experience in this field, we know to look at first

step at this position, and Ian has a lightning-quick first step… Gets out of his

stance with good technical nuance for his age.

Ian has primarily been playing Center, but I wouldn’t necessarily tie him to one

position here… We think, long-term, given his ability he could also be a potential

asset at Offensive Guard… Still, as a Center, he’s already quite seasoned and

successful – could be one of the absolute best in the class of 2025.

Let’s talk about the agility this young man has, as well… There are a lot of

different ways to display athleticism as a big man in this game, and Ian pretty

much checks all the boxes… Given his agility and surprising quickness, we see the

potential for Ian to be an excellent downfield blocker in the future… His overall

skillset allows for some valuable versatility.

Ian is committed to working hard on both his strength and athleticism this

offseason… if he puts the total package together, watch out – Ian Hemilright is

going to be an offensive line prospect to be reckoned with.

John Frascella is a football writer who has been covering the game for 20 years.

Follow him on Twitter @LegendSports7 for all things football throughout the year.

CoachJay Notes : Ian is a super solid and explosive Oline prospect in 2025 Class. He very easily could end up one of the best OC prospects in all of his class. Very solid first step and very physical. He also has really good foot work and athleticism. I predict G5.

Follow Ian on Twitter @Ian_Hemilright

Follow CoachJay on Twitter @CoachJayUConn

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