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Paving His Own Lane : Jaxon Pyatt

Jaxon’s raw speed (4.68 40, aiming for 4.50) makes it very easy for him to

get to the quarterback from the outside… At 6’1” he’s already taller than his dad who played in

the NFL… Jaxon is diligently training to continue his power game as an OLB, but like any other

athlete his physical development must be monitored over time… He has quick feet and lateral

athleticism, just like his dad… A transition to another position down the line could always be a

possibility… Jaxon is very passionate about the game and extremely coachable… Ability to

dunk a basketball really jumps out at you because this young man has the raw athleticism we are

always looking for… Has a good bloodline and above-average technical skills from his detailed

training over the years… Lot of potential at multiple different positions in my opinion… Looks

to be the kind of young man who will continue working hard at his game, which is a major

plus… A very good all-around prospect who will be an asset to any coach and teammate.

John Frascella is a football writer who has been covering the game for nearly 20 years. Follow

him on Twitter @LegendSports7 for more such original football content.



These are the eyes of a future superstar!

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