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Tackling The Country is Parker Meese

The State of Texas has a lot of great players. A lot of them come with size, athleticism, solid speed, but very few have the combination of everything like a Parker Meese. Parker is a Linebacker that plays High School football at the prestigious Parish Episcopal in Dallas Texas. He is a young prospect in the class of 2025 but already has offers from 25 of the Nations top programs, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Auburn, Penn State, Oregon and Colorado to name a few. It is no mystery as to why Parker has so much National attention. He is a 6'2, 218 pound Linebacker that has the athleticism of a Running back and body of a Defensive end. Parker moves sideline to sideline and gets to the ball carrier before everyone else. They play some Elite competition as well, In fact Parish Episcopal plays one of the toughest schedules in all of Texas. Playing 3 teams that would go on to win the State Championship in the class they play. South Oak Cliff, Aledo & China Springs all won State titles this year. Parker had 45 tackles against those 3 teams alone. Parish is coached by Legendary Head Coach Dan Novakov. Dan has lead Parish to 4 straight State titles in which only 12 teams in Texas history have accomplished.

Parker is having a great off season, training and fine tuning his skill set. He is getting bigger, stronger, quicker and faster. This can be very big problem for the teams that have to face Parker Meese in 2023.


Twitter - @Parkermeese

Blog - @CoachJayUConn

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