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Darren Sproles 2.0 is 4 Star Jance Henry Jr.

There is a lot of buzz around a RB outta Central Valley HS in Pennsylvania and his name is Jance Henry Jr. He is a current 4 Star RB prospect that holds offers from UNLV, Toledo & Akron University as a Freshmen.

Henry is a 5'9, 192 pound Darrel Sproles type RB prospect that is a cant miss guy. He has pinball like break tackle ability, super vision, elite quickness and homerun hitting speed.

Jance also holds a 3.2 GPA and works out tirelessly in the weightroom. He also has heavy interest from Penn State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Pitt, Purdue, UCF, Miami Ohio and more. After a breakout Freshmen year he expects to have a even bigger impact in his Sophomore year. "I am already in the lab and working towards 2024 season. I want to be faster, faster, quicker and faster".

Henry Jr. was a 1st Team All Conference selection as a Freshmen and now holds the record for single season TDs at CVHS with 13 TDs. He rushed for 1028 yards as well.

He also told me that he plans to hit Camps heavy this summer and off season. I have no doubt he will be a Camp offer guy this summer. I have Jance Henry Jr. as the #7 Ranked RB in early rankings 2027 class. He is a very special type talent. Grades as a Power 5 Starter.

Follow him on Twitter @Jance_Jr

Follow CoachJay on Twitter @CoachJayUConn

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