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Big Man on Campus !

Prospect Profile:

Mario Nash Jr., Offensive Lineman

Profile By: John Frascella @LegendSports7 on Twitter

CEO: CoachJay @CoachJayUConn on Twitter

At 6’6”, 275 pounds, Mario “looks the part” right out of the gate… He’s been

asked to play out of position at Offensive Guard (OG) at times in the past, and he’s

competed quite well despite being outside his normal comfort zone… This year

he’s moving to his natural position Offensive Tackle (OT), so everybody watch

out… Despite playing out of position at times, Mario has already received the

honor of an “All-Area” selection… He makes it work, no matter what you ask him

to do.

At the game’s highest levels, we’ve seen a bit of a transition to some offensive

linemen “playing small” to improve quickness and mobility… Mario doesn’t have

that issue at all, despite being a young, developing player… Mario plays at his

natural, comfortable size and does so with tremendous athleticism, flexibility and

agility… He is truly a sight to see when he’s in the zone.

Playing for Kemper County High School, Mario is currently in the weight room

four days per week, improving both his overall strength and explosiveness… In

addition to weight and strength training, he’s working diligently on agility and

speed a couple days per week… There’s no question that this young man is

working hard, and he wants it bad.

Mario will be looking to impress at camps throughout this offseason… We believe

he’s a high-upside offensive lineman who would be an asset to any savvy program.

John Frascella is a football writer who has been covering the game for nearly 20

years. Follow him on Twitter @LegendSports7 for all things football throughout

the year.

CEO: Jason Williams (CoachJayUConn) Twitter.

Mario Nash Jr. (BigNash_77) Twitter

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