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Big Future For a Big DAWG

Joseph Russo has the athletic ability to become one of the top OL prospects in the country. He stands at 6'4 and weighs 280 pounds as a Freshmen in High School. Don Bosco Prep is where Jospeh will set up his pancake factory. Bosco is known for big,physical, athletic guys, He will fit right in there.

On film this prospect jumps off the page. He is a dominating figure from snap to finish. Joseph Russo is super athletic and can really move. He has big strong hands and wears size 14 shoes, so hes going to grow more. After talking to dad about his growth. He explained that they just had a doctors visit and the doctor said he may grow another 2-4 inches. The future is very bright in New Jersey for this BIG DAWG. He currently trains with one of the top athlete developers in PA, Jason Williams. CoachJay, will give him added speed, agility, quickness, explosion, power, acceleration and athleticsm. Joseph is a prospect that will start to rise up recruiting boards very fast. He expects a very big sophomore campaign and soon this BIG DAWG will be a National name.

Joseph Twitter - @Joseph74R

CoachJay Twitter - @CoachJayUConn

Date - 2/8/2023

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