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A new face is RUNNING Colorado!

Starting off with a bang, Adrian was named Colorado’s “Newcomer of the Year” a tremendous

honor for a developing young running back… at near 6’0” Adrian is quick and shifty through the

hole with the rock… Adrian will graduate from Arvada West High in 2026, and he was already

selected All-Conference as a freshman on the rise.

Interest is coming early from Wyoming, Wake Forest and North Colorado… Trains with Tommy

Flanagan, who is always disciplined and professional; bodes well for Adrian’s athletic and

physical development… Adrian currently works out 6 days per week, with special focus on

lifting and explosive speed training… 3.66 GPA and very adaptable both mentally and


Though young, Adrian is already a solid player from a technical standpoint… Right now we

have him with a D2/FCS grade, but we expect big things as his development rapidly continues…

We believe he will emerge as a star over the course of the next three years… At RB we are

always looking for speed, quickness, explosive athleticism, ball skills and versatility, and thus far

Adrian is checking all the key boxes.

Right now Adrian is thriving as a pure rusher, but we do see the potential for strong pass-

catching skills… has the potential to develop as a legitimate two-way threat out of the

backfield… Has a nose for the endzone and could eventually become a true redzone threat.

With our experience, sometimes we see speed without the necessary effort behind it – that is

NOT the case with Adrian… Adrian is always pushing hard, running hard and exploding

downhill with aggressive power when he gets the rock in his hands… He can be reached on

Twitter @AdrianSymalla12… Big things are coming if he continues to work extremely hard on a

daily basis.

John Frascella is a football writer who has been covering the game for nearly 20 years. Follow

him on Twitter @LegendSports7 for all things football.

Follow @CoachJayUConn CEO of

Adrian is a future star of the 2026 Class.

Ranked and Evaluated by @CoachJayUConn

Date : February 24, 2023

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