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4K For Alex Birch

Alex Birch, Quarterback

Profile By: John Frascella @LegendSports7 on Twitter

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about this game over decades of experience, it’s that you can’t

judge a book by its cover… Alex Birch may only be 5’10”, 165 pounds at the quarterback

position at the moment, but the kid is a BALLER… (And the precedent exists at the position,

anyway… Russell Wilson listed 5’11”, Kyler Murray 5’10”, Tua Tagovailoa over-listed at 6’1”

etc etc)… Alex Birch is already a solid athlete who makes plays both in and out of the pocket.

Set to graduate from Horizon High School in Colorado in 2025, Alex currently grades as an

FCS/D2 player with true potential for improvement… He’s quick and elusive, which bodes well

for avoiding the pass rush, extending plays and potentially scrambling when the opportunities

arise… He throws well on the run – particularly to his strong arm side – which is a difficult task

for many other quarterbacks at his age… Alex runs a 4.71 40 based upon Coach Jason Williams’

professional evaluation.

Alex’s stats jump right off the page at you: 4,100 yards passing with 41 touchdowns on a 70%

completion rate… just, WOW… He’s a two-time All-Conference selection with a 3.4 GPA, as


In the end, we simply need to evaluate young players for who they are… Alex Birch is a solid,

versatile quarterback no matter how you slice it… He plays smart and efficiently with the

capability to improvise effectively when necessary… We love his all-around game at the

quarterback position and many coaches and programs would be extremely lucky to have him.

John Frascella is a football writer who has been covering the game for nearly 20 years. Follow

him on Twitter @LegendSports7 for all things football throughout the year.

Follow on Twitter @CoachJayUConn CEO of Recruit Certified.

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